Nr. Course Shortcut Code Type Semester Credits Weekly Examination Link
Microwave Devices and Circuits for Radiocommunications (English)  MDCR  EDOS412T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Exam  details 
Microwave Devices and Circuits for Radiocommunications  DCMR  DOS412T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Exam  details 
Optical Communications  OC  EDOS409T  DOS  3C,0S,1L,0P  Colloquium  details 
Optical Communications  CO  DOS409T  DOS  3C,0S,1L,0P  Colloquium  details 
Applied Informatics 1  IA1  DOF135  DOF  2C,0S,1L,0P  Verification  details 
Antennas and Propagation  AP  DOS301T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Exam  details 
Antennas and Propagation (English)  APe  EDOS301T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Exam  details 
Applied Informatics 1  AI1  EDOF135  DOF  0S,1L,0P,2C  Verification  details 
Optoelectronics  OPTO  DID405M  DID  2C,0S,1L,0P  Colloquium  details 
10  Internet of Things  IOT  EDOS418T  DOS  3C,0S,2L,0P  Exam  details 
11  Electronic Technology  TE  DIS406T  DIS  1L,1P,2C,0S  Colloquium  details 
12  Electronic Technology (English)  ET  EDIS406T  DIS  2C,0S,1L,1P  Colloquium  details 
13  Noise in Integrated Structures  ZSI  DOS413T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,1P  Colloquium  details 
14  Noise in Integrated Structures (English)  NIS  EDOS413T  DOS  1P,2C,0S,1L  Colloquium  details 
15  Practica licenta/disertatie  PRCT  ETTIPR  DIC  0C,0S,1L,0P  Accept/Reject  details