Nr. Course Shortcut Code Type Semester Credits Weekly Examination Link
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits  CIMM  RD.IA.207  DOMS  11  2C,0S,1.5L,0P  Exam  details 
Advanced Techniques in the Design of the Radio-communications Systems  TAPSR  RD.IA.103  DIMS  2C,0S,0L,1.5P  Exam  details 
Satellite Communications  CS  RC.IA.104  DIMS  2C,0S,0L,1.5P  Exam  details 
Databases, Web Programming and Interfacing  DWPI  ITT.IA.601  DIS  11  1C,0.25S,1L,1P  Verification  details 
Web Applications Design  PAW  RC.IA.108  DIMS  10  1.5C,0S,1L,1P  Exam  details