Here you can find some of the electromagnetic simulation software produced in our laboratory. The electromagnetic simulation activity is conducted in cooperation with Mr. Henri Baudrand, Groupe de Recherche en Electromagn´┐Żtisme (GRE), Laboratoire d'Electronique de l'ENSEEIHT.

They are far from being complete, so, also fully functional,  they can still contain errors. All feedback is welcome:

1. Electromagnetic, version 2.2.
    A 2.5D electromagnetic simulation software (for now only 2 dielectric layers are available so in this form is a 2D software) based on the FWCIP (Fast Wave Concept Iterative Process) method.
   You can choose the *.rar (3.2 MB)  or *.zip (4.6 MB)  compressed installation software.

2. Electromagnetic, version 2.0.
   A previous version, also known as "BMP Conversion". This software contains a small picture editor, that takes a bitmap file and converts it to a suitable format for other electromagnetic (command line) software.
   You can choose the *.rar (1.8 MB)  or *.zip (1.8 MB)  compressed installation software.

3.  An interactive TLM software
   An TLM routine, with some improved spectral estimation techniques. This is the standalone version for Windows users.
   You can choose the *.rar (63 kB)  or *.zip (72 kB)  compressed installation software.

Job opportunities

The "on-line" version of the TLM software require C/C++ Linux programming. The Microwave and Optoelectronics laboratory currently searches a good Linux programmer. The Graphical User Interface will use the Internet to access the distributed computation routines, on various Linux servers. If you think you can "do the job" contact Mr. Irinel Casian.