Microwave and Optoelectronics Laboratory

We are enlisted in the Telecommunications Department of the Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology Faculty (ETTI) from the "Gh. Asachi" Technical University (TUIASI) in Iasi, Romania

We currently cover inside ETTI the fields related to:


Nr. Course Shortcut Code Type Semester Credits Weekly Examination Link
Microwave Devices and Circuits for Radiocommunications (Engleza)  MDCR  EDOS412T  DOS  0S,2C,0P,1L  Examen  details 
Dispozitive si circuite de microunde pentru radiocomunicatii  DCMR  DOS412T  DOS  0P,1L,0S,2C  Examen  details 
Circuite Integrate Monolitice de Microunde  CIMM  DS608RD  DOMS  11  0P,1L,0S,2C  Examen  details 
Tehnici avansate de proiectare a sistemelor de radiocomunicatii  TAPSR  DS508RD  DOMS  2P,0L,0S,2C  Examen  details 
Optical Communications  OC  EDOS409T  DOS  0S,3C,0P,1L  Colocviu  details 
Comunicatii optice  CO  DOS409T  DOS  0P,1L,0S,3C  Colocviu  details 
Informatica aplicata 1  IA1  DOF135  DOF  0P,1L,0S,2C  Verificare  details 
Applied Informatics 1  AI1  EDOF135  DOF  0P,1L,0S,2C  Verificare  details 
Comunicatii prin satelit  CS  DS504RC  DIMS  0S,2C,1P,1L  Examen  details 
10  Antene si propagare  AP  DOS301T  DOS  0P,1L,0S,2C  Examen  details 
11  Antennas and Propagation (Engleza)  AP  EDOS301T  DOS  0P,1L,0S,2C  Examen  details 
12  Optoelectronica  OPTO  DIS405M  DID  0P,1L,0S,2C  Colocviu  details 
13  Programarea aplicatiilor web  PAW  DS507RC  DIMS  10  0S,2C,1P,1L  Examen  details 
14  Etica si integritate  EI  DC509  DIC  0P,0L,1S,1C  Colocviu  details 
15  Internet of Things (Engleza)  IOT  EDOS418T  DIF  0P,2L,0S,3C  Examen  details 


Materialele pentru disciplina Etica si Integritate au fost adaugate pe pagina disciplinei.
Written by Radu-Florin Damian on 19/05/2019